“A small start for you, a big start for humanity!” – under this motto, on June 26, an event was held within the framework of the EU for Climate Project, the purpose of which was to actively promote, popularize green energy and reduce CO2 emissions. More than 200 participants aged 5 to 75 tested several types of “green” transport in the framework of the Energy Day “Eco Go!” in the city of Gomel. 

The Energy Day “ECO GO!” is held annually to more actively promote and popularize green energy and reduce CO2 emissions. This year Energy Day will be held in Gomel. On June 26, everyone can ride an electric vehicle for free!

Annual large-scale forest planting events take place around the world. In Belarus, during the Forest Week, organized by the Ministry of Forestry, over 33 million trees were planted. On the eve of the International Earth Day, the team of the EU4Climate project took part in the action and planted about 5,000 seedlings that can provide additional absorption of about 4.8 tons of CO2 per year.

UNDP together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (MNREP), as well as the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus (EU) held a working meeting to discuss the second Nationally Determined Contribution of the Republic of Belarus (NDC ) under the Paris Agreement.

With overall funding of EUR 1.1 million for Belarus over the period of 2019-2022, the project will assist the Government of the Republic of Belarus to implement its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction commitments and climate resilient development under the Paris Agreement.
What does the regional initiative EU4Climate include? The article is about Belarus joining new European Union regional initiative EU4Climate back in May 2019. The initiative aims to assist six EU Eastern neighbouring countries in policy development under the commitments made by the member states under the Paris Climate Agreement, taking into account, association agreements and partnership with the EU under the “20 Results by 2020”, Eastern Partnership and the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development until 2030.

EU and UNDP presented a new regional programme on climate change in Belarus. During the presentation of the EU4Climate project in Belarus, government officials and representatives of various stakeholder groups discussed the priorities and next steps for the implementation of the EU4Climate initiative in Belarus until 2022.