Alaverdi, 23 June 2023 – The summary event of the “My Green Alaverdi” youth idea competition, organized as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, took place at the “Green Camp” in Poqr Ayrum village, Alaverdi community. The competition was held within the framework of the EU-funded “EU4Climate” project and the Sida-funded “Strengthened Community Resilience through Energy Efficiency and Low Emission Development” projects, implemented by UNDP, in collaboration with the “Center for Community Mobilization and Support” NGO.

During the event, Artush Abelyan, Deputy Head of Alaverdi Community, Diana Harutyunyan, UNDP in Armenia Climate Change Programme Coordinator, and Artak Baghdasaryan, EU4Climate project Task Lead, welcomed the participants. They emphasized the crucial role of the youth in addressing the community’s challenges and engaged in a panel discussion, highlighting the ongoing support and initiatives delivered within the EU4Climate and “Strengthened Community Resilience through Energy Efficiency and Low Emission Development” projects. The youth had the opportunity to raise their concerns and discuss issues related to community development and the green transition.

The idea competition was launched in early June to gather ideas from 50 young individuals in the Alaverdi community. These ideas focused on local solutions for energy efficiency, energy saving, green lighting, infrastructure, and clean transport.

Before the competition, a youth awareness-raising campaign titled “Alaverdi towards Clean Energy Transition” was conducted online from June 5-7, 2023. The campaign featured presentations and lectures by key experts, aiming to foster awareness among approximately 50 youths (aged 15-21) about climate change, global and local efforts to reduce human impact on the atmosphere, and innovative energy-efficient solutions utilizing renewable energy sources.

Equipped with knowledge and information from the campaign, the youth were divided into five groups and given a two-week period to submit their idea applications. The competition jury conducted a preliminary assessment of the submissions.

During the summary event, the youth participated in an online quiz to test their knowledge gained during the awareness campaign. The quiz scores were considered alongside the final assessment of their ideas. Following the quiz, five teams presented their project ideas to the jury, and three finalist teams were selected in the following categories: best-designed idea, best implementable idea, and best target engagement idea. The winning teams were evaluated based on evidence-based and thematically focused project generation, feasibility of implementation, and reach and impact. Presentation and pitching skills were also taken into account during the final evaluation.

The team from HEBA NGO, presenting the “Human energy for clean energy production” idea, won the award for the best-designed idea. Their concept involved establishing a playground in Alaverdi that utilizes innovative energy production solutions, generating energy from the physical activities of playground users.

The team LedLight from the “Center of Community Mobilization and Support” NGO received the best implementable idea award for their proposal on fostering green street lighting solutions in the Alaverdi community. This initiative aimed to enhance energy efficiency, saving, and human security.

The team “Ecokhikhch” from Alaverdi State Vocational School received the best target engagement idea award for their project titled “Green public transport.” Their idea focused on implementing “solar” public transport, addressing the critical lack of such transportation in Alaverdi․

All the winning teams and the rest of the participants were issued certificates and awards and what is most important, they left with a deep and powerful feeling that their community is not left behind and the international organizations stand ready to support the community towards a greener and cleaner transition.

Media contact: Ofelya Sukiasyan, Public Outreach Assistant, UNDP Armenia Climate Change Programme, +374 10 58 39 20 (13),