Inspired by the UNFCCC COP-27, the EU-funded EU4Climate project has documented the major milestones achieved by the project in Azerbaijan with the EU, UNDP and Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources support in climate change mitigation efforts.

The ecologically destructive processes are intensifying and levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are rising exponentially over the past eighty years. The EU4Climate project has developed a Low-Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) to provide a pathway for Azerbaijan’s Nationally Determined Contributions.

To contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts, Azerbaijan has pledged to reduce GHGs by 40% by 2050. Therefor, Azerbaijan is applying different approaches, including mainstreaming gender concepts into energy and agriculture policies and establishing a “green energy zone” in its post-conflict areas.

Another important dimension of the EU4Climate project activities in Azerbaijan is the development of criteria to align Azerbaijan’s legislation with EU standards and support the government in developing industry-specific guidelines. The Nationally Determined Contributions developed under the EU4Climate project come to assist the achievement of this goal.