Two researches prepared with the support of the EU4Climate in Georgia were presented during the workshop on the ”Opportunities and Challenges of Approximation to EU Climate Legislation and European Green Deal” organised by the UNDP Georgia in collaboration with CENN’s National Climate Platform and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture. The workshop was attended by the members of the National Climate Platform including various donors and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, in total around 45 participants.

The first part of the workshop was allocated for the presentation of the legal analysis, related to the assessment of the implementation status of Climate Acquis in Georgia. The presentation was given by Mr. Irakli Samkharadze, an independent expert contracted for this assignment by the Energy Community. The analysis also included a roadmap for further actions to be taken by the government to accelerate the implementation of legal commitments under the Georgia-EU Association Agreement, Energy Community Acquis, and the UNFCCC.

The second research was related to the assessment of Georgia’s Readiness for the alignment with the EU Green Deal. Giorgi Mukhigulishvili, the manager of the project assessing Georgia’s alignment with the EU green deal noted: ”The objective of this study/report was to assess to what extent is the current policy framework in Georgia in line with the policies of the EU Green Deal and what are the main policy measures to be addressed/implemented. This is done by mapping of relevant policies and gap analysis of key pillars of the EU Green Deal”.  According to the Giorgi Mukhigulishvili, “The gap analysis is complemented by the national best practice examples identifying not only existing bottlenecks, but also good practice in Georgian climate and environmental policies. The result of this study will support the Georgian government in designing a roadmap for further alignment of Georgian Legislation with the EGD policies and attract international financial support”.

The research was carried out by the World Experience Georgia. The team of experts presented the national political and legislative agenda, performance indicators, and recommendations to facilitate the alignment with the new Green Deal. Best practice examples from the business sector were also showcased.