On March 24, the Government of Armenia, approved the “Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Programme 2022-2030”, at the same time launching the first stage of the Program implementation for 2022-2024. The Program was developed by the Ministry of the Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia with the technical support of the EU-funded “EU4Climate” project, which is implemented by the UNDP.
The program aims to identify new opportunities in accordance with Armenia’s climate agenda under the Paris Agreement, as well as to reduce the man-made impact on the environment and human health.
Besides, the main priorities and development directions of energy-saving and renewable energy by 2030 will be defined for the country.
The Program will lead to the improvement of indicators in energy-saving and energy efficiency in the economy and the significant expansion of production of electricity using renewable energy sources (in particular, solar energy), enhancing energy independence and security, as well as reliability of Armenia’s energy system.